Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Celebrate our CrowdCampaign Launch with a FREE CrowdCampaign!

Keeping this as simple as we can ... We go "live" Monday with our new Twitter Crowdsourcing App. CrowdCampaign! We come from the Events and Conferences world, but any brand, event, or community manager could and should be using this tool!

We are giving away 9 FREE "Enterprise" CrowdCampaigns ... and this is how you can claim yours.

Visit and launch your own contest by Monday. By doing so, you will receive from the Social Collective (the company behind the App.) a coupon code for 1 FREE CrowdCampaign that you can redeem any time over the next 12 months. This is an "Enterprisey" level CrowdCampaign for FREE that will cost just under $1,000 come Monday, so claim your free campaign!

Take advantage of this offer and get your CrowdCampaign going today ... this App. is a killer, learn it, live it, love it ...

CrowdCampaign ... Create a Contest. You Win.

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