Friday, November 13, 2009

Event Profs Can Use an Easy Win

Oh my beloved #eventprofs ... it's been a trying, yet remarkable year as we've seen the conference world literally turned upside down and as we wind down 2009 and look forward to what is sure to be a wild 2010, the verdict is certainly still out on best practices when it comes to integrating social media as part of the fabric of your event.

You know you need to on some level simply because the best events out there are doing it, and doing it, and ... dare I say, doing it well (props to LL) ... but you battle internal bandwidth issues and you've got a ton of work on your plate already, so diving into the newer world of Event Apps. powered by Social Media starts out as a priority, but slowly fades to the background as you get closer to standing up the tents and putting on your 3 to 4 day event. Before this happens to you ... consider the VERY easy win that is CrowdCampaign.

This uber easy to wield App. allows you to create and launch branded contests that get your attendees and others who might be interested in your show participating with your event "brand" and by doing so, proliferating your content for you.

Check out how Web 2.0 is using this tool to Crowdsource best questions for their keynote speaker here: With almost 5,000 page views, 15 proposals and scores of votes, this is participation!

Then there is Tech Cocktail and the ingenuitve way they are getting sponsors excited and participating with their upcoming December event. Kudos to their team for this stellar idea that in just 2 days garnered over 2,700 page views and has generated a passionate battle for this free sponsorship spot! Check out the action and these great startups here:

Two great ways to get your attendees, perspective attendees, sponsors and possible sponsors for your event picking up YOUR social megaphone and sharing your content with their connections.

Call me to discuss how you can apply this tool to your event, but I encourage you to dive in boldly and use this tool to generate buzz, best ideas, proposals, questions for your keynotes, suggestions, and more. The top #eventprofs on Twitter continuously talk about handing some aspects over to your attendees and we couldn't agree more ... BUT, if you are going to hand over part of the reigns ... don't you at least want the horse adorned in your branding and with the ability to track all the pertinent metrics relevant to your world?

You have an event in late '09 or '10 ... you need a way to get true participation, conversation, interaction, and buzz going ... CrowdCampaign is the tool.

It starts at free and goes up to very affordable as most events will find they can get everything they want, the branding, the analytics, the size contest they need for $395. Plus, the events world is where we were born of ... If you're an event (organizer) or a non-profit, email me and I'll send you a discount code for 20% off your first CrowdCampaign.

This tool makes it easy ... and I think EVERY event organizer out there can use a little bit of easy after the last 12 months our industry just went through.

Good Luck!

the Social Collective

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